Fox In the Hen House

I’m not sure if I’ve ever said this anywhere but to myself in my head but…

…sometimes I wish OldRE had just taken out my uterus with that first pregnancy.

It would have sucked. MONUMENTALLY.

But I would have been spared a second ectopic. And all this adenomyosis bullshit. My uterus couldn’t look like the scariest place imaginable because I wouldn’t have one anymore.

Perhaps I would have been spared the kidney stones as well. The kidney stones that are now postponing my last FET and maybe even threatening to make that FET impossible (NewRE2 says I can’t have Lupron with kidney stones). If she had taken my uterus out this would all just be done. I wouldn’t have languished in limbo for 2-3 years.

So yeah, I definitely have a kidney stone at the moment. They suspect I’ve had a few recently since I’ve had symptoms off and on…

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