Patrick The Atheist

“Addiction is a disease” is a cop out uneducated people use to negate the responsibility of having made stupid decisions.
It softens the blow, it makes people sympathetic to those who did make stupid decisions by delegating responsibility to a factor out of their control.

This is an unpopular stance to take, because it seems mean and unsympathetic. Partially it is, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

An addiction is a group of behaviors,  not a disease. It seems like a disease because it is often symbolized as an activity which if continued, would lead to a decreasing quality of life, like a disease. However that’s not how we classify diseases. A disease has a pathological biological process, addiction does not.

If you don’t think about it very hard, it seems like addiction to cigarettes is a disease, but it’s not. The pathological process that causes (for example) cancer, originates as a result of exposure to…

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