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I think we readers, as persistent fanatics of books, cannot find a book that discusses love and importance of books and not enjoy it. Unless it’s written really badly, of course, and hardly relays any truths regarding the tender sentiments of obsessed, sympathetic readers like ourselves. Thankfully, Fahrenheit 451 is written so beautifully and its pieces are put together so meticulously that I couldn’t put it down and couldn’t help but fall in love with it and Ray Bradbury.

What’s this book about? It’s a dystopia which takes place in 2022 where reading books is against the law. The job of firemen is not to put out fires and protect the people from turning into ashes but rather burning books and diminishing all the chronicled ideas and stories that could influence the current nation in anyway. And because of this, I find Fahrenheit 451 an important book. It doesn’t only…

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