A Conventional Novel Experiment


What in world is a writer? That’s a question I will use to describe myself.

IF you are reading my blog I’m pretty sure you already know my name. Its Atul Aditya. I’m 16. I could have gone into the details of the origin of that name but its then a waste of words. Anyways I was saying what’s a writer… well first of all he’s someone who’s in love with language. Be it any language. He/She (I’m not a male chauvinist but since I’m a he,  I’ll refer to the writer as a he.) will use all the words he has in his dictionary to make people fall in love with he  has written… Every  write-up of his is another valentine of his. I guess that’s pretty much it plots and details are attributes of a good planner and a person who is an excellent plotter and knows how…

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