The Leaves On The Tree

My favourite novel The Tale Of Findo Gask is on promotion via Amazon for the next five days – and I’m waiting to see if the book’s new blurb will have any impact.

Findo paperbackFindo was first published – in print – after winning a national UK competition for new authors back in 2005. But the company behind the award went bust not long after and my treasured publishing contract turned into just another piece of scrap paper.

Then ebooks came along and Findo was re-published in December 2011. But – even though it’s been out for longest – it’s the worst-selling of all my novels, both in terms of actual sales and free downloads.

I probably should have stopped to think about this a long time ago but was more fixated – like I suspect most authors are – on the next great ‘Work In Progress’ rather than worrying about…

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