ISBN : 978-81-224-1902-3
Publication Year : 2006
Edition : 2nd
Reprint : Aug, 2012
Pages : 602
Price : Rs. 350.00 
Binding : Paperback


The book provides a lucid and step-by-step treatment of the various principles, methods and instruments involved in land surveying. Modern methods and techniques are emphasised throughout the text.

After presenting the basic concepts and definitions, the book explains errors in survey measurement and their propagation. Survey measurements are detailed next. These include horizontal and vertical distances, slope, elevation, angle and direction. Measurement using stadia tacheometry is then highlighted, followed by contouring and uses of contours in civil engineering projects.

Traversing is then explained, followed by a detailed discussion of plotting of maps by plane tabling. The use of tangent clinometer in plane tabling has been suitably highlighted

The book then explains the calculation of areas and volumes from the survey measurements. The last…

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