ISBN : 978-81-224-1553-7
Publication Year : 2004
Edition : 1st
Reprint : Aug. 2011
Pages : 540
Price : Rs. 150.00 
Binding : Paperback


The book provides a clear exposition of mechanics and meets complete requirement of postgraduate students of Mathematics. The book is useful for Engineers and Physicists. It is written with firm conviction that a good book is one that can be read with minimum help of teachers.

To achieve this, more than the usual number of solved examples, followed by a large number of unsolved problems have been given. Many of the examples and problems have been selected from recent paper of various university examinations. First chapter contains statics of three dimensional forces, chapters 2-6 deal with dynamics of particle and chapter 7-12 dynamics of rigid body.

An exhaustive list of objective type of questions is given at the end of the book. This…

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